The Inconsolable Secret


Recently I wrote a poem just as a way to deal and live through much of the unrest and struggles our world has been going through. It’s inspiration I drew from C.S. Lewis’ The Weight of Glory.

The Inconsolable Secret

Out of the dust love lift us up

And mark us with a holy touch

O help come and fall upon

This bunch of Your redeemed

From the color of skin to the vocation of men

Through a fire refined we become adored

This is our inconsolable secret

That we treat as strangers those we love

And the cycle continues

From death to life, from life to death

We drink, we play, we talk and say to one another

To mortals … the immortal

The load of my neighbor

Should be laid on my back

A load so heavy it can only be carried with humility

The backs of the proud shall be broken


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