Brokenness Aside

This morning, January 2 2017, I walked into my office after a couple weeks away from the office and found a collection of songs from All Sons & Daughters. As I played the songs I noticed how much they spoke to the past twelve months… months filled with great doubt but great promise and hope.

These few things I find true and real:

  1. NO ONE is immune from brokenness, shame, and doubt.
  2. EVERYONE has brokenness, shame, and doubt in their lives at some point or another. Most of the time we suppress these things, holding them in, and hiding them to make ourselves appear healthier than we actually are.
  3. It is OK to be broken, to feel shame, and to doubt. Embrace brokenness, shame, and doubt. When they consume us, when it feels like the weight is too much to bear, or when we feel there is no way out from under the weight of these pressures… we are not alone, we can be heard, and we can seek out those worthy to hear our story. Not everyone is worthy to hear our story because not everyone can handle our story. There are those who can listen and walk alongside us in these struggles.
  4. Speak your brokenness, shame, and doubt in a healthy way to the right people.

“All glory, all honor, all praise to You.” -ASAD


Published by: jkylevincent

I am, first and foremost, a child of God. I am a family man - husband of Laura, father of Lincoln James, brother of Cally, and son of Anthony and Pam. I am blessed with a rich and deep vocation of directing and training teams of musicians at Broadway United Methodist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This same vocation also has me leading out as a worshiper, songwriter, musician, poet, and wherever else I'm called in between.

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