Does love take shape and form? If so, how, when?

There’s a beautiful road by my house that a friend and I sometimes walk.

While walking (and doing a lot of crying) with this friend the other day we caught a brief but real moment of one of the forms and shapes love can take. This friend and I consistently pour out our hearts to one another about how we cannot possibly out-love God.

We actually try to make God love us, try to earn and work our way towards greater love from him, and there are times we actually think God stops loving us and keeps His love from us. I’ve lived there SO much. I’ve had those days I didn’t want to get out of bed because having a conversation or pretending to be something I’m not was just going to be too difficult that day.

We’ll call this friend “W.” W has cried with me more times than I can count. W has spoken faith and grace into my life more times than I can count. W is one of the most broken individuals I have the pleasure of getting to lean into my life. W means the world to me.

The other day and very subtly W remarked “You were speaking into my life long before I was speaking into yours.” I was stunned…No way. How could W not be the first-step initiator and instigator of grace in my bleeding out life over the past year? Through my bleeding how could I possibly move my friend before he moved me?

But could that be love? Could love be at work that stealthy? Could love be taking form in ways that call us to embrace and live into our own brokenness in order to embrace and walk alongside another’s.


God is sneaky. He sneaks up on us like that. The wound, the crack, the brokenness, the break…is where the light (and love) shine through.

These days moments like this one come and go quickly, but when I experience them I know what they mean: God is holding on to us more tightly and intently than we ever imagined.



Published by: jkylevincent

I am, first and foremost, a child of God. I am a family man - husband of Laura, father of Lincoln James, brother of Cally, and son of Anthony and Pam. I am blessed with a rich and deep vocation of directing and training teams of musicians at Broadway United Methodist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This same vocation also has me leading out as a worshiper, songwriter, musician, poet, and wherever else I'm called in between.

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