Will You Still Love Me?

Wrote this song with a couple of friends a while back, thanks W & JE for helping bring this to life!

(V) When I look away, when I take a drink

When I shout and scream, will you still love me?

One more little lie, One more reason why

When I hit the wall, will you still love me?


(C) Will I claim family? Will I lean deeply? Help me find me, Will I chose honesty?


(V) I bend I break, I fall to escape

In my darkest fear, will you still love me?

I seek I knock, I take one more shot

In my broken heart, will you still love?


Published by: jkylevincent

I am, first and foremost, a child of God. I am a family man - husband of Laura, father of Lincoln James, brother of Cally, and son of Anthony and Pam. I am blessed with a rich and deep vocation of directing and training teams of musicians at Broadway United Methodist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This same vocation also has me leading out as a worshiper, songwriter, musician, poet, and wherever else I'm called in between.

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